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Grenada Chocolate Festival

May 12 2017

Phone: 1 (473) 443 8783

Celebrate chocolate Grenadian style and indulge yourself in a unique visitor experience with our pure, delicious organic chocolate and learn about the old fashioned and ethical way to grow organic cocoa.  Thrill your taste buds on a journey of authentic chocolate discovery by learning chocolate tempering, moulding and truffle making. Learn from Grenadian artisans how hand made, small batch, ethically produced, tree to bar chocolate is created.

Discover the aromas, flavours, scents and benefits of luxurious pure cocoa butter, savor the aroma of fresh herbs and cocoa teas, kick back and relax with your friends while you indulge in the coolest chocolate homemade ice-cream and enticing deserts.

The Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates the island’s delicious organic and ethically produced cocoa and chocolate. Back for a fourth year, the festival is a perfect experience for all those who have a passion for dark chocolate. Learn how Grenada’s chocolate farmers and artisans craft their famous ethical “tree to bar” products. Take a journey through the island’s rich history and visit cocoa farms nestled in its lush Caribbean rain forest….dance the cocoa or be a cocoa farmer or a Caribbean chocolatier for a day. Jam by the turquoise sea at sunset, and run through a cocoa forest!  And when you are ready to relax and unwind, indulge in some authentic chocolate-inspired cuisine and luxuriate in cocoa-infused island life!

Please view the full schedule below:

Friday 12th “Get In the Mood for Chocolate”

  • Day: Visit Grenada’s House of Chocolate in historic St George’s. 
  • Night: Join the Festival Chocolicious Opening Party at Dodgy Dock, True Blue Bay Resort and dance to the happy rhythms of Grenada. 

Saturday 13th “Healthy Benefits of Cocoa”

  • Day: Begin with an inspiring yoga session and cocoa tea meditation followed by a gloriously indulgent chocolate breakfast. 
  • Afternoon: “The Chocolate Hash” Experience the countryside with the Grenada House Harriers on their weekly “hash” running (or walking) through cocoa plantations (a reasonable level of fitness required)!!

Sunday 14th “Chocolate and Arts and Music by the Tunnel”    

  • Day: Walk through St Georges, enjoy the old Georgian architecture and join us at the celebrated Sendall Tunnel (a narrow 340-ft passageway built in 1894) with music, dancers and art.  Visit the National Museum and Art Fabrik, a boutique with exquisite handcrafted batik art and clothes. Finally, cool down for refreshments across the road at the House of Chocolate!

Monday 15th “Belmont Estate Tree To Bar Experience”   

  • Day: Visit the magnificent Belmont Estate, an authentic 17th century cocoa plantation and see the traditional ways of picking and processing cocoa through to making and creating chocolate. 
  • Night: Meet at the West Indies Beer Company brewery-bar for a pint of chocolate beer and other cocoaktails, delicious food, and dancing to Caribbean tunes.

Tuesday 16th “Cook it up & join fellow chocolatiers for a taste of Chocolate”

  • Day: Cook your own chocolate-inspired lunch guided by local star cooks, Esther and Omega, using fresh local produce, chocolate, cocoa and spices. Learn some quick chocolate secrets from Heidi Roberts “Kitchen Talk” visiting blogger at Dodgy Dock.
  • Early Evening: Join local and international Chocolatiers at a mini “salon” where they share the secrets of their own chocolate creations and exchange tastes and ideas! Session conducted by Academy of Chocolate award-winner Dom Ramsey and Elle Cocoa

Wednesday 17th “Chocolate on a Shoestring!”

  • Day: Be inspired by the ingenious creativity of Kim and Lylette, the owners of Crayfish Bay Organic Estate by making an exquisite tree-to-bar chocolate at their cocoa farm, and learn about the history of one of the oldest plantations in Grenada.
  • Evening: “Street Food Wednesday” at Dodgy Dock, where you can taste Grenada’s cuisine whilst listening and dancing to some of Grenada’s rising music stars.

Thursday 18th “Mott Green and the Grenada Chocolate Factory”

  • Day The day will start at the Bonbon Shop in Belmont to hear Edmond Brown, one of the original founders of the Grenada Chocolate Company, tell the story of the amazing Mott Green with a taste of their unique chocolate bars. 
  • Evening: To be announced

Friday 19th “Let’s Get to Work”

  • Day: Be a farmer for a day at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate and join the team - learn how to pick cocoa pods, harvest the beans and prepare them for processing. Alternatively visit Mount Edgecombe, a working cocoa estate and fabulous boutique hotel with luscious herb and fruit gardens. 
  • Evening: “Sunset Bonfire, Drumming and Chocolate” Soak up the atmosphere and sway to the beat of local drums around a beach bonfire.

Saturday 20th “Chocolate Extravaganza” Last day Party!

  • Day: Visit Grenada Community Library for a taste of local chocolates
  • Evening: The final festival event at Dodgy Dock is the “last day party” which includes an Arts and Crafts Bazaar where you can purchase beautiful handmade arts and crafts and souvenirs to commemorate your time at the Chocolate Fest.

Sunday 21th “Free Day to Visit Grenada Sites and Beaches”

Some events and venues may change, so please follow Grenada Chocolate Festival at social media or keep checking their website for updates.

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