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3rd Annual Uncorked Beer & Wine Festival

April 29 2018

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Phone: 473 407 1141 | 473 406 3699 | 473 407 0485
Email: info@wgpromotions.gd

Date: April 29, 2018

Love wine, beer, cheese, tasty food and live band music? The Uncorked Beer & Wine Festival hosted by WG Promotions, will take place on Sunday April 29, 2018. Come enjoy an evening with the importers, distributors and makers of beer and wine in Grenada. Bring friends, your folding chairs, blankets and picnic tables and indulge in the appreciation and enjoyment of beer & wine.

Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, you’ll have the chance to learn something new and useful about the limitless world of beer & wine.

Engage the vendors and agents and learn:

  • How to taste and evaluate wine like a pro
  • How to shop for wine and order wine in a restaurant
  • Food & wine pairing tips   
  • How to store wine
  • Beer tasting and pouring tips
  • Tips for storing beer

See you there!

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