Top 10 Things to Do in Pure Grenada

Holiday approved, flight ticket booked, suitcase packed, feet firmly in paradise, camera charged, trekking shoes on, now it’s time to go, see and do. Here’s a roundup of 10 attractions, sights and experiences you need to add to your Grenada itinerary now.


1.Grand Anse Beach

When you get off a plane, particularly one that departed from a cold climate, we highly recommend you thaw out on two miles of white sand that disappear under aqua blue waves at Grand Anse Beach. Here you can enjoy blue skies, a peek of our capital city St. George’s, dive shops, water sports activities, restaurants with unhindered views of the beach and our Vendors Market, which offers a variety of uniquely handcrafted local products and authentic Grenadian cuisine.

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2. Royal Mt. Camel Waterfalls

After some time spent in the sun, you’ll probably be looking for a refreshing adventure to pull you out of unwanted jetlag and safeguard you from sunstroke. Take a long drive along our scenic east coast to Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls, located in the parish of St. Andrew. There you’ll find over 70 feet of cascading waterfall, nestled in the heart of lush lands filled with local spices and fruits. Be sure to enlist the navigational skills of a Grenadian guide to show you more hidden treasure surrounding the falls.



3. Fort Frederick

If you have an affinity for photography, then we recommend a visit to one of our three historic forts named Frederick, Matthew and George. Fort Frederick overlooks the center of our capital city St. George’s, offering 360 views of lush hills and valleys, vibrant houses and picturesque harbours. This is the perfect place for panoramic view lovers or travellers intrigued by the history of a destination.



4. Belmont Estate

Visiting Belmont Estate’s 17th-century plantation is a culturally rich experience that will awaken all your senses. At this premiere agricultural attraction, you’ll be blown away by the aroma of Grenadian herbs and spices and the addictive scent of their bon-bon shop, filled with award winning organic chocolate. At their restaurant you can enjoy the true taste of authentic Grenadian cuisine, where ingredients from their organic farm are slow-cooked in traditional coal pots. Belmont Estate features beautifully preened gardens, a heritage museum, cocoa processing facilities, a petty farm and much more. It’s definitely worthwhile setting aside a day for this agri-tourism experience.



5. Levera National Park

The 450 acre Levera National Park holds a strong reputation as Grenada's most spectacular coastal area. Its lagoon is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island, consisting of an extensive mangrove swamp, a haven for an abundance of bird species, including many herons, black-necked stilts, common snipes and other waterfowl. Levera's marine areas are equally esteemed, with outstanding coral reefs and seagrass beds that shelter lobster and beautiful reef fishes. During the months of March through to August, we highly recommend you visit Levera Beach at night to be in with a chance of spotting Endangered Leatherback turtles nesting at night.

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6. Gouyave Nutmeg Processing

Grenada is the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world, and our treasured nutmeg also known as ‘the lady in the boat with the red petite coat’, has pride of place on our national flag. It’s definitely worth venturing down the west coast and stopping off at one of the largest nutmeg processing factories on the island. At Gouyave Nutmeg Processing station, you’ll receive a guided tour of an operating nutmeg processing factory from start to finish and also get to witness workers hand selecting, grading and packaging nutmegs. Make sure you ask for top tips on how to enhance your home-cooking with our renowned nutmeg spice.



7. Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

A trip to Pure Grenada isn’t complete without a visit to the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park located in the Marine Protected Area of Molinere Bay. Artist Jason DeCaires Taylor was so charmed by Grenada it became home to a variety of sculptures, now home to an abundance of thriving marine life. Whether you’re an avid diver or skilled snorkeler, getting up close and personal with our underwater personalities is a fun and exhilarating experience. From ‘A Ring of Children’ to ‘The Lost Correspondent’ you’ll have over 50 sculptures to photo-bomb.



8. Mt. Qua Qua Trail

If you love the natural elements and you consider yourself to be a bit of a hiking pro, then the Mt. Qua Qua Trail is a challenge you must take on.  The trail begins at the Mt. Qua Qua trailhead, a short walk from the visitor centre. The rocky, mountainous ridge to Mt. Qua Qua is well worth the rigorous two and a half hour trek, boasting a commanding view from the peak at over 2,370 ft. Reaching the summit will take your breath away. Just make sure your camera is charged and you enlist the expert knowledge of a Grenadian guide.  



9. Bianca C Shipwreck

If you’re a master diver, then you’ll be pleased to know that we can proudly proclaim to having one of the most spectacular wrecks, known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’. The Bianca C was listed as one of the 'top ten' wreck dive sites in the world; so it’s no wonder it’s landed itself a spot in our Top 10. This enormous 600` Cruise Liner sank in 1961 and sits upright on her keel in 50 metres (165') of water. The opportunity to dive into one of her upper deck swimming pools is a particular thrill. If you’ve not yet reached master diver stage, then we urge you to experience our colourful coral reefs, exhilarating drift dives and more than 50 sites of intriguing underwater wonders waiting to be discovered.



10. Hop over to Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We’ve saved the best till last and we hope you take our advice and set aside some time to hop over to our sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The best thing about our tri-island state is that you get to travel to one destination and experience three stunning unspoilt islands. Carriacou and Petite Martinique allow you to truly unwind in tranquil settings that ease you into total relaxation. Carriacou, the larger of the two, is known as the ‘Land of Reefs’, with shallow clear waters: ideal for snorkelling. Residents of both islands are fiercely traditional, welcoming you to discover the musical customs of African ancestry at annual events like Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival held in the month of April.

There’s so much more attractions, sights and experiences to experience in Pure Grenada. Head over to to plan your next adventure. Make sure you apply the hashtag #PureGrenada to all your snaps so we can see what you’ve been up to.

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