Reasons Why Jetblue’s Mint Service is Amazing

Wondering what all Jetblue's Mint Service fuss is about? Here are 4 reasons why the recently announced Mint premium service to Pure Grenada will add the icing on the cake to an amazing experience in The Spice of the Caribbean. 



1. Let’s Get Minty

Let’s start with the minty facts. JetBlue’s Mint cabin consists of 16 premium seats, spread across five rows. Rows one, three, and five are in a 2-2 configuration, while rows two and four are in a 1-1 configuration with the longest fully-flat bed in the U.S. domestic premium market. What’s more, it includes four private suites and a 15-inch flat screen. You must be travelling between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) to enjoy this service, which focuses on your comfort in-flight. You’ll also get more options with the Mint Winter Seasonal Schedule from now till April 29, 2017, with 5 Jetblue flights to Grenada per week.



2.  Practice your Limbo

In JetBlue’s Mint cabin you can practice your Caribbean limbo dance with lie-flat seats in the front of the cabin. These super-comfy seats with massage features, adjustable firmness and a door for privacy will get you in the zone for a holiday full of relaxation and tranquil thoughts. By the way, waking up to a 15-inch flat screen with complimentary entertainment options, a signature cocktail, tapas-style menu and fresh espresso from the first purpose-built cappuccino machine for a U.S. airline is not bad either.



3. Escape to Paradise Quicker

We know that feeling when you’re holding a ticket to paradise in your hand. You can almost inhale the unpolluted air, see the bright blues of the ocean and sky and feel the grains of warm sand beneath your feet. But you’ve got to get through check-in and security first. What a drag. But, with JetBlue’s Mint service you’ll have access to a dedicated Mint queue where you’ll receive expedited check-in service, quicker security screenings, boarding priority and you’ll be the first to collect your luggage at baggage reclaim. Paradise is closer than you think with Mint!



4. Plan Your Pure Adventure

It just get’s better! Mint customers will be able to enjoy complimentary Fly-Fi, which is Jetblue’s own broadband Internet service in-flight. This means you’ll be more prepared than ever with the chance to plan your itinerary using our helpful destination website Visit our explore and plan sections where you’ll find information on our beaches, hiking trails, restaurants, historical sites and attractions.  If you're one of those people who go connection cold turkey during flights, you can surf the web in the air and enjoy nonstop entertainment until you land.


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