I Live Where Others Vacation

We hope by now you’ve taken advantage of the great deals and discounts on offer in our 2016 Staycation programme. If you haven’t already, you’ve got another month left to be the envy of family and friends abroad by enjoying the best Pure Grenada has to offer. Who knows, you might convince them to join you in paradise.

We’re extremely fortunate to live where other people vacation, which is why we like to encourage Grenadian residents to be a domestic tourist every once in a while and rediscover Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We spoke to 3 Grenadian adventurers who certainly make the most of their weekends and holidays, whether it be chasing waterfalls, liming on the beach with a group of friends or island hopping in the Grenadines. We asked each of them to tell us what they love about living where other people vacation.

‘I love living where others vacation because I love my culture, the peace, and the next adventure that’s always waiting to be discovered’ - @brandondowden

Caption: Brandon is seen at Grand Anse Beach and Adelfi Waterfalls

‘Grenada offers the element of mystery, for a small island you'll be amazed when you discover its pristine beauty 360 degrees’ - @reb3lwithacause

Caption: Ronna is seen at Belmont Estate and Au Coin Waterfalls

‘I love living where others vacation. You can’t take a bad picture in Pure Grenada, once you snap anywhere it’s immediately instagram worthy’ - @Rae.0f.sunshine

Caption: Rae is seen at Calabash Hotel and in Tobago Cays with Isle of Reefs Tours

You can bask in a hammock at Calabash Hotel, or catch some rays in Tobago Cays with Isle of Reefs Tours just like @Rae.0f.sunshine. What’s more, is that you can do it all at a discounted rate with our 2016 Staycation Programme. Visit www.puregrenada.com/staycation to book now.

There’s so much more attractions, sights and experiences in Pure Grenada. Head over to www.puregrenada.com/explore to plan your next adventure. Make sure you apply the hashtag #PureGrenada to all your snaps so we can see what you’ve been up to. 

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