6 ‘Must Do’ Experiences for Spicemas 2016

Once Grenada’s Spicemas season has been declared open, there are loads of events and activities on island to choose from.  If you’re on a budget or you’re on island for a short time, the complete list of activities can be a little overwhelming.  In that regard, we have compiled a list of 6 ‘must do’ experiences for this year’s Spicemas Festival.  Take a look at the recommendations below.

There’s no other experience that can be compared to the sea of glistening black Jab Jab masqueraders that creep through the streets on the early mornings of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Add some colours, a little ‘ole mas’ (which will be explained further below), some soca music, and beverages and the result is a massive street party popularly known as J’ouvert.

Tip: If you felt like your J’ouvert experience on Carnival Monday wasn’t enough, you can go to Gouyave, Sauteurs or St. David on Tuesday morning.

The Pens & Holes
Most party venues are considered clubs, bars, and lounges.  While we have all of these, we also have pens and holes.  Whenever a Grenadian mentions partying at the Goat Pen, Cow Pen, Water Hole, Sugar Hole and the like, don’t be alarmed.  It is simply an atypical outdoor party venue that provides a real authentic Grenadian experience.

Monday Night Mas
This beautiful street parade occurs on Carnival Monday night.  Participants select a band beforehand, pay a fee, and receive a package that normally contains a t-shirt, glow sticks, a hat and more.  A truck leads the band with a huge sound system and participants dance and follow the music until 12am the following day.

Groovy/Soca Monarch
There are no other competitive events during the Carnival season that exudes so much energy.  Local groovy and soca artistes perform their best renditions on that night while supporters in the audience cheer on excitedly.  If you’re in the seating area of the national stadium, you will notice the crowd moving left, right and even forward as instructed by their favourite artistes.

Ole Mas
If you haven’t been privy to some of the political and social issues occurring in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique during the year, this one may be a bit more challenging to follow.  Masqueraders parade through the streets to creatively rehash some of the year’s most memorable issues with plaque cards, clothing and other props while spectators gather round to decode the messages and take pictures.

Grenada has never been short of party boats and once the Carnival season begins, cruise excursions are done more frequently than usual.  From now till the climax of Spicemas, you can choose from catamarans, the popular Rhum Runner (which boasts two party boats) and even the large cargo boats that are transformed into a party venue with a sky ceiling.

Tip: If you have to leave the island before Spicemas climaxes, you can check out Unplugged Fridays and Soka Wednesdays aboard the Rhum Runner.

If any of these events peak your interest, you can visit our Facebook page for a full list of events during the Carnival period accompanied by their location and cost.  Budgeting for Spicemas 2016 has never been easier.

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