48th Annual Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament


At the 2017 Budget Marine Spice Isle Billfish Tournament (BMSIBT) 48th Grand Slam, we caught some big fish and we’d like to say a huge congratulations to all the winners and participants who sped into Pure Grenada for this annual event.

Each year over 50 boats, 250 anglers from over 10 countries journey to Grenada to enjoy fantastic fishing and great scenery.



We’ve been on the edge of our seats (and well, boats) for the last four days as a fleet of synchronised skippers lined up for the Bimini Start on Sunday 22nd January. And what a horn blowing spectacle it was as they woke up our capital city with an impressive parade along our picturesque Carenage.



We’ve had four days of thrilling and impressive sports fishing with lots of excitement and anticipation at the weighing station hosted at Grenada’s Yacht Club. One of the highlights was surely an angler of Black Child II commanding everyone’s attention at sunset after an impressive feat of a family of 6 large Yellowfin tuna fish.



Our Billfish Tournament is regarded as the Southern Caribbean’s premier sports fishing event because of the abundance of sports fish species in our waters. The BMSIBT believes strongly in the core value of conservation while working towards achieving a full release tournament every year, which is why less fish are brought to the scale unless they can break an existing record. Preserving these unique aspects of Grenadian waters will allow this event to go on for years to come for the enjoyment of fishing enthusiasts and spectators alike.




If you missed this year’s exciting event, check out our visual story of the BMSIBT experience from air to sea and start to finish.

For more information on the event visit: http://www.sibt.gd/






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